What size are the wood pieces?

250 – 300mm (approximately).The firewood is split to fit a standard fireplace. We can split to order if required, please ask.

Where will you put the firewood?

We will drop the firewood wherever you like, subject to access.

How long does it take until I get my firewood?

Generally within 24 hours, but payment must be made on delivery cash to driver or a few days before delivery via Internet.

Please note:

It may take up to,  two or three working days for your payment to clear.
We will deliver the wood once payment is received.

How do I order?

Just use our on-line shopping cart or order form or by e-mail or pick up the phone and call 0800 78 22 33.

Can I pick up the firewood?

You can pick up the firewood from our premises by prior arrangement.

When’s the best time to purchase firewood?

You should order your winter firewood early. To beat the rush, it can be wise to buy your firewood in spring or early summer. Most importantly, this allows time for the firewood to dry properly. Firewood purchased late in the season could be damp as it may have not had the best drying conditions.

What’s the best way to store firewood?

Store firewood in a well ventilated, covered location. If possible, store firewood off the ground, on a pallet, layer of bricks, stone, or plastic sheet to prevent moisture from being drawn up into the firewood. Firewood stored in a criss-cross pattern allows for greater air circulation. If firewood has to be stored in the open, keep a few days supply under cover. Seasoned firewood wet by rain will dry again within a few days.

What’s the best way to burn firewood?

Light the fire using sufficient kindling and open air vents fully (sufficient air is needed to get a fire started). Also, a fire starter can help to establish a hot fire quickly. Newspaper is messy and a hassle and does not work as well as kindling and a fire starter. Use smaller logs to get the fire established. In no time you will have a roaring fire. Don’t turn your fire down (I.e. limit air supply) until it is well established with red coals. Allow air to circulate between the logs by not overfilling the fireplace. Use larger logs for slower burning once the fire is established and don’t block the incoming air supply with logs. Rekindle the fire quickly if the fuel load has burnt down to only a few glowing coals.