Wood Lay-By Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  • Our minimum Layby period is 4 weeks/1 month with a  maximum Layby period of 52 weeks / 12 months
  • Our minimum payment is $2.50.
  • We accept payment by automatic payment only
  • Regular payments must be made in accordance with your Layby term of weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you need to change any of your payment details you will need to call us on 0800379966 Monday to Friday.
  • Your Layby will be delivered to your delivery address within 14 days from final payment date, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Your Layby order can be cancelled at any time up to final payment date. Please refer to our Layby cancellation policy below. All prices are in NZ dollars.
When placing a Layby order with City Firewood, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of Purchase.
Payment start date
Once you have placed your order, an invoice will be issued and an automatic payment to our account needs to be set up within 7 days.
Missed Payments
If you miss a payment it is your responsibility to catch up we will send you updated payment schedules to reflect what payments have been made.  If you miss three consecutive payments we will cancel your order please check our Lay-by cancellation policy below.
How to change your order
You can change your order any time until the delivery day. If you wish to change your delivery address after this date please call us on 0800 37 99 66.
Lay-by Cancellation policy
If your order is cancelled, cancellation charges will apply which enable us to recover administration & storage costs.
You may cancel your order at no charge if payments have not commenced.
Once payments have commenced a cancellation fee will be deducted from any refund as follows:
A cancellation fee of 20% of the payments made to date will apply (The minimum fee payable is $50 and the maximum fee payable is $250).  Your order cannot be cancelled once final payment has been requested
Delivery – General
Lay-by delivers Start from the 1st of march every year, you will within 48 of delivery . If the schedule delivery day is not suitable another day and time can be scheduled.
While every effort is made to deliver as advised, City Firewood cannot accept any liability for delay due to the weather or customer’s failure to complete customer obligations or any other reason beyond the control of City Firewood (and/or its staff). City Firewood cannot accept any liability resulting from a contracted party’s failure to deliver as advised.  
Delivery – Change of address
If you need to make changes please contact us on 0800 37 99 66.

Sale Prices

Occasionally some items on our website may go on sale for a limited time.  The limited time sale price is for new orders only, not existing orders.  We can only pass on price drops to existing lay-by’s for permanent price drops to a product, not a sale price.

Product Availability

In the event that a product you have ordered becomes out of stock or discontinued by the supplier, my Layby will offer a similar product to the same value and comparable specifications. If the alternative is not suitable, we will offer you a full refund.

We will gladly replace your purchase or reimburse you should a product is not what you ordered and in accordance with our legal responsibilities as a merchant.  We are unable to accept returns for other reasons such as if you have changed your mind or have made an incorrect choice about the product and no longer wish to keep it.
There will be no contract between City Firewood and a customer until my Palmerston North Firewood issues an invoice confirming the customer’s order.